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BELANO medical: Successful Microbiome and Probiotics Research

National and inter­na­tional colla­bo­ra­tions mark first six months of this year

Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 29 September 2021 – During the first half of 2021, BELANO medical AG was able to conso­lidate its position as a developer and manufac­turer of probiotic and micro­biotic ingre­dients, both in Germany and inter­na­tio­nally. The biotech­nology company enjoyed excep­tio­nally strong growth in the market for cosmetic and medical skincare. Since the beginning of the year, coope­ration agree­ments entered with the German Müller chain of retail stores and the Austrian Bipa chain of drugs­tores have boosted sales of medical skincare.

In addition, BELANO medical delivered greater volumes of its micro­biotic ingre­dient, in parti­cular to businesses in the pharmaceu­tical indus­tries which use it for skincare or other care products, or success­fully sell ready-delivered formu­la­tions under their brand. During the first half of the current business year, new colla­bo­ra­tions were entered with the German Henkel AG as well as the Dutch company AixSwiss which produces the “nupure probaderm“ skincare. In these colla­bo­ra­tions and inter­na­tional sales, the active ingre­dient developed and patented by BELANO medical – which is based on a strain of natural lactic acid bacteria and stimu­lates the growth of healthy bacteria, e.g. staphy­lo­coccus epider­midis, contri­buting to the skin flora’s regene­ration – plays a key role.

Successful in Biotech­nology and Dermatology

“The past two business quarters were a great success for BELANO medical”, welcomes CEO Dr. Bernd Wegener this develo­pment. “In a growing biotech­nology market, we succeeded in gaining a position at the very top, in parti­cular with regard to biolo­gi­cally based derma­tology”. Years of research based on an extensive collection of bacterial strains had paid off. “Both our coope­ration partners and the biotech­nology market as such hold our scien­tific expertise and the practical relevance of our research and product develo­pment in high esteem.” 

This was also demons­trated by the fact that “Baby Hydro Gel”, which BELANO medical developed and marketed, was listed as a global trend product. The gel entered the market at the beginning of the year, and three months ago was picked from the product portfolios of more than 500 exhibitors at the B2B beauty and cosmetics fair to be listed as one of the best new develo­p­ments. All told, BELANO medical currently offers a dozen own brand products in the area of derma­tology or medical skincare.

Rising signi­fi­cance of micro­biome and probiotics 

In recent years, market demand for probiotic products and research results has skyro­cketed. Professor Dr. Christine Lang, Chief Scien­tific Officer at BELANO medical AG and Professor of Micro­biology at the Technical University (TU) Berlin, expects interest to continue growing in the future. “In recent years, we’ve made consi­derable progress in resear­ching the micro­biome and its signi­fi­cance for human health. At the same time, however, a greater area remains unexplored, and it is here that there is enormous untapped potential for more care and medical products which are completely natural and probiotic.” 

Resear­ching the micro­biome also had great signi­fi­cance beyond the subject of health. “There’s a huge number of indus­trial and social processes which have tradi­tio­nally relied on fossil inputs, we gradually intend to reorganize these and turn them into a natural circular economy based on biomass, this is a global project”, empha­sizes Lang, who until two years chaired the German Bioeconomy Council. In a best-case scenario, biomass could be used in the sustainable production of high-grade materials and end products and waste be decom­posed micro­bio­lo­gi­cally and readied for re-synthesis.

B2C and B2B grow simultaneously

For its extensive research activities, BELANO medical received, among others, a grant commitment by the State of Brandenburg. In addition, the company issued conver­tibles with a total volume of up to 15 million euros at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in December last year. These funds are intended for future research and develo­pment, as well as the expansion of national and inter­na­tional sales.

Here, the biotech­nology company equally targets end-users and, in the B2B area, branded companies. Since its August launch, the new online shop ( with integrated skincare counseling and product finder has reached more 700,000 people. This end-user focused approach is to be stepped up. At the same time, business customers have already placed orders for the following year 2022. Hence, BELANO medical’s commercial activities continued to develop favorably also during the second half of the current business year.

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