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Belano - Stomach Care Products

Stomach complaints

Stomach complaints often come insidiously. A feeling of pressure, heartburn now and then. Often the reasons are relatively harmless, such as a sumptuous meal, stress, grief or worry.

However, persistent or recurring pain in the stomach area (functional dyspepsia, irritable stomach) can also have a serious cause and lead to gastritis, gastric ulcers or even stomach cancer.

An inflammation of the stomach mucosa, a gastritis, can be chronic. In 80% of all patients with chronic gastritis, a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Helico­bacter pylori is the cause.

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Belano - Stomach Care Products

Helicobacter pylori

Almost half of the world population is infected with this bacterium, often without knowing it. However, a Helico­bacter pylori infection often induces chronic gastritis, possible secondary diseases are stomach ulcers and even stomach cancer.

Helico­bacter pylori has the ability to survive in the hostile acid environment of the stomach. It nests in the stomach mucosa, moves around in it and causes inflammation there. Its scourges serve like a propeller for rapid locomotion.

Belano - Stomach Care Products

Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections

According to medical guide­lines, triple therapy with two antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor is currently used for Helico­bacter-induced stomach disease. This often brings with it very unpleasant side effects and impairment of the patient, such as nausea, sore oral mucosa, impaired taste and diarrhoea. The use of antibiotics also leads to a massive disruption of the stomach and intes­tinal microbiome.

These circum­s­tances and the incre­asing resis­tance of bacteria to antibiotics make it necessary to search for alter­native therapies that preserve the micro­biome of the stomach and intestine, which is important for digestive processes and health.

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Belano - Stomach Care Products

ventrisana®- active ingredient for the reduction of the harmful bacterium Helicobacter pylori

With ventrisana® , we have developed a medical product with a micro­biotic active ingre­dient that acts very speci­fi­cally against the inflammation-causing bacterium Helico­bacter pylori. ventrisana® reliably binds the patho­genic germ and prevents it from settling into the mucosa. ventrisana® is only effective against H. pylori and leaves the beneficial bacterial world in the gastro­in­tes­tinal tract untouched.

The surface of the active ingre­dient ventrisana® has a high contact affinity for the inflammatory Helico­bacter pylori bacteria. Due to the surface structure, the active ingre­dient and the inflammatory germ become entangled when touching the surfaces within milli­se­conds. Aggre­gates of Helico­bacter pylori with ventrisana® can be seen under the electron micro­scope. Helico­bacter pylori are thus immobi­lised and masked and can no longer develop their inflammatory effect. The germ is removed from the stomach by the natural, mecha­nical removal of the aggregates.

The active ingre­dient ventrisana® is derived from a unique strain of the speci­fi­cally active lactic acid bacterium Lacto­ba­c­illus reuteri DSM17648. ventrisana® contains no living bacteria. Using a micro­bio­lo­gical high-tech process, the shells of this lactic acid bacterium are enriched and stabi­lised by the other components.

ventrisana® is protected by patent.

Belano - Stomach Care Products

ventrisana® - Microbiotic products against Helicobacter infections

Currently, a medical device to reduce the population of Helico­bacter in the stomach is under develo­pment. In independent studies with Lacto­ba­c­illus reuteri DSM17648 not only a reduction of the Helico­bacter pylori population in the stomach, but even a complete eradi­cation of the bacterium could be shown.

As has been proven in clinical studies, taking it relieves the symptoms of functional dyspepsia (heartburn, upper abdominal pain, constipation).

In further inves­ti­ga­tions it was shown that the reinfection rate after conven­tional Helico­bacter triple therapy with additional reduction of germs in the oral cavity (PAR/triple) is signi­fi­cantly lower than with normal triple therapy.
We have developed the ventrisana® periodontal chewing gum for the reduction of the Helico­bacter population in the oral cavity. This can be used as a thera­peutic and preventive measure to reduce germs in the oral cavity.

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