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New Research at the Rotterdam Microbiome & Probiotics Forum

BELANO medical’s micro­biotic ingre­dients contained in many healthcare products

Berlin / Rotterdam, 14. October 2021 – At the “9th Micro­biome & Probiotics R&D and Business Colla­bo­ration Forum”, held 26 and 27 October at the Postillion Convention Centre in Rotterdam, BELANO medical AG will present current micro­biome research results. Professor Dr. Christine Lang, Professor of Micro­biology at the Technical University of Berlin and Chief Scien­tific Officer at BELANO medical AG, will outline how research into the micro­biome evolved in recent years, how it is currently progressing, and which micro­biotic, biolo­gical ingre­dients will result.

The tremendous impact of bacterial diversity – among others in the skin and gut floras – on human health has been known for quite some time. “Once the micro­biome becomes unbalanced, a number of acute and chronic diseases may emerge”, Professor Lang explained in the run-up to the event. “Possible are skin diseases, for instance atopic eczema or rosacea, or gastro­in­tes­tinal disorders, or even signs of psycho­lo­gical or neuro­lo­gical disorders such as autism.” In recent years, numerous studies at univer­sities and research insti­tutes have demons­trated links between diet and gut flora on the one hand, and the conse­quences for, e.g., skin texture or psycho­lo­gical wellbeing on the other (see, among others,

BELANO medical identified probiotic agents which have a parti­cu­larly positive effect on human health and on the micro­biomes inside and on the human body. These patented agents are based on natural lactic acid bacteria, and find use in BELANO medical’s certified medical products, e.g. “salvans” throat lozenges or the “ibiotics” range of cosmetics, as well as the “ibiotics med” medical skincare product line.

In addition, these ingre­dients are available as inputs, or as ready-made formu­la­tions (bulk ware) for businesses and corpo­ra­tions in the pharmaceu­tical and cosmetics indus­tries, or branded companies launching their own product lines (private label). Many inter­na­tio­nally known brand-name cosmetics or skincare products contain BELANO medical’s active ingredients.

Apart from the presen­tation by Professor Christine Lang, BELANO medical will also highlight how naturally extracted ingre­dients affect the micro­biome and present its B2B and B2C product portfolios. Develo­pment and manufac­turing are done in Germany and do not involve animal testing or animal inputs.
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