BELANO Medical - The Micro­biotics Company
BELANO Medical
The Micro­biotics Company


Belano - Strategy

Our mission is 

to deal respon­sibly with nature’s resources and to discover and use nature’s treasures for the health of individuals

We use insights and knowledge of micro­biology to produce sustainable products that create value for our investors, our employees, and our customers. For the benefit of the health and well-being of patients and consumers worldwide.

belano medical our strategy
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Belano - Strategy

Our vision is

to make our micro­biome products available globally for everyone. To this end, we work closely and trustingly with partners and distri­butors in order to find and use the best possible market access- and distri­bution channels for the products according to their indication. 
Belano - Strategy


We offer our employees in research and develo­pment, production, logistics, and sales attractive working condi­tions and a creative environment.

We develop high-quality, effective, and needs-based micro­biome products that promote health, provide efficient protection against disease, and alleviate the suffering of sick indivi­duals. The micro­biotic concept opens up previously unknown poten­tials from the world of bacteria and combines these with scien­tific findings on the microbiome.

The products developed from these poten­tials offer a better quality of life and better solutions for lacking thera­peutic options or repla­ce­ments for curently unsatis­factory therapies. We work together with partner companies that have effective market access to make the products available to the end customer.

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BELANO Medical takes up scien­tific findings from micro­biome research and uses these results to develop micro­biome products.

The selection of the best “good” bacteria results in micro­biotic products that provide efficient protection against diseases, which may also be used to cure diseases in the future.
Belano - Strategy

Our microbiotic products provide for a healthy balance in microbiomes

Effects are
scien­ti­fi­cally proven

Further develo­pment
from probiotic sources 

Indus­trial manufac­turing for individual and large-scale production
We bring our products directly to the market with our branding and offer them as private label. With our various delivery forms such as ready-made, bulk, or individual products, we adapt to the requi­re­ments of our partners. Our distri­bution partners and customers are typically companies from the following sectors: 
Consumer Health
Over-the-counter pharmacy

Starting point

Patented micro­biotic active ingredients

Industrial production

Develo­pment of special manufac­turing processes


Develo­pment and production of finished consumer products

Standard products and individual development

Direct availa­bility of standard products as private label Custo­mized product varieties 

Teaser products

Products for testing market accep­tance and quality assurance

About us

Quality management

Jobs and careers

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