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Christine Lang becomes scientific advisor in Switzerland

Coope­ration with the Leibniz Institute for Agricul­tural Engineering and Bioeconomy

Berlin / Lucerne, August 16, 2023 - Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, Chief Research and Develo­pment Officer of BELANO medical AG, has been appointed to the scien­tific advisory board of Cerefort GmbH. The company, based in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden, develops fermen­ta­tively produced beverages with health-promoting effects. To this end, it also colla­bo­rates with the fermen­tation working group of the Leibniz Institute of Agricul­tural Engineering and Bioeco­nomics (ATB), which researches, among other things, the use and effect of lactic acid and lactic acid production.

In this context there was a positive effect on the integrity and function of mitochondria proven for an acidic fermented D-lactate-containing soft drink from Cerefort. These mitochondria are the primary source of metabolic energy. Vitality and well-being may therefore depend on their function.

BELANO medical has been resear­ching lactic acid bacteria by screening in its own laboratory for many years and uses their natural biolo­gical effect on the human micro­biome, for example, for the develo­pment of alter­native medical skin care or other medical products. Among other things, they are used to treat neuro­der­ma­titis, inflamma­tions such as Helico­bacter pylori, inflamma­tions in the mouth and throat such as periodon­tosis or throat diseases, and as an active ingre­dient against multi-resistant germs (MRSA). Christine Lang is also Professor of Micro­biology and Molecular Genetics at the Technical University of Berlin. From 2012 to 2019, she was Chair of the Bioeconomy Council of the German Federal Government.

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