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BELANO medical expands international business

Turnover increases by 30 percent - user studies with 400 participants

Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 20 July 2023 – Despite inflation and the energy crisis, the biotech­nology pioneer BELANO medical AG closed the past financial year with an increase in sales of around 30 percent. Parti­cu­larly in the B2B business, where the company prepares natural micro­biotic active ingre­dients and provides formu­la­tions for other brand labels, the demand has risen sharply over the course of 2022. „This trend has fortu­n­ately continued in the first half of 2023“, says Dr. Bernd Wegener, CEO of BELANO medical.

In addition to the existing corporate business with well-known German companies from the pharmaceu­tical and cosmetics industry, further, mainly inter­na­tional customers have been added in the past 18 months, including from the Nether­lands, Ukraine, Spain, Poland and Switz­erland. This positive develo­pment is in line with the goals of the corporate strategy, which was geared towards inter­na­tio­na­liz­ation and expansion of the business customer business as well.

In the end BELANO medical was able to increase sales in the past and current financial year with its customer business via direct sales and sales via online pharmacies. „One reason for this is certainly the high level of attention we were able to achieve with two user studies“, explains Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, Director of Research and Develo­pment. Around 400 persons parti­ci­pated in the two studies, which substan­tiate the effec­ti­veness of the active ingre­dients “ibiotics stimulans” (e.g. for atopic derma­titis, rosacea and other skin diseases) and “ventrisana” (inflamma­tions in the mouth such as periodon­titis or Helico­bacter and other inflammatory diseases) developed and marketed by BELANO medical.

The user study to inves­tigate the active substance in atopic derma­titis was conducted in 2022 in coope­ration with the German Atopic Derma­titis Association. The study on the prevention of periodontal disease and bleeding gums was completed in June 2023, the evaluation will be completed shortly. „In both studies, we were able to achieve very positive results and demons­trate a very high degree of effec­ti­veness of our products“, says Prof. Lang. In conse­quence, the parti­ci­pating patients expressed a very high level of satis­faction and frequently recom­mended the active ingre­dients and products “ibiotics” and “ibiotics med” as well as “ventrisana”. „We can see the high recom­men­dation rate directly in the sales figures“, states Lang.

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