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Research and development

Belano - Research and Develo­pment

We understand bacteria

As a research and develo­pment company, Belano medical AG is a techno­lo­gical leader in the field of modern micro­biotic products and positively acting bacteria.

Starting with probio­ti­cally acting lactic acid bacteria, we have identified and charac­te­rized specific strains and active ingre­dients in intensive research work. Today, these are indus­trially produced and indivi­dually formu­lated and can already be found on the market as finished products.

Our patented micro­biotic active ingre­dients from lactic acid bacteria (Lacto­ba­c­illus) work in two ways:

  • some support the desirable “good” micro­or­ga­nisms - for example, those found on our skin - so that they’re not overgrown by pathogens, the former also displacing the latter from our skin.
  • others act directly against pathogens such as strep­to­cocci, staphy­lo­cocci, or helico­bacter and prevent them from settling on the skin or in the body.
research and development
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Belano - Research and Develo­pment

We research microbiomes and their effects on our health

Billions of bacteria in and on us help us to stay healthy. Knowledge about these tiny “roommates” has grown consi­derably in recent years. One finding is that we need a balanced and high diversity of micro­biomes to fend off germs and to keep our immune system active and strong on our skin and in our intes­tines.

Dysbiosis, i.e. a shift in the natural balance, is associated with disorders and diseases. For example, when skin suffers from atopic derma­titis, it is overwhelmed with the inflammatory bacterium Staphy­lo­coccus aureus, which only occurs spora­di­cally on healthy skin. Signs of colds are often accom­panied by an increase in the bacterium Strep­to­coccus pyogenes and stomach problems are often caused by the bacterium Helico­bacter pylori.

We have researched these inter­ac­tions between healthy micro­biomes and patho­genic germs, developing “antago­nists” and evaluating them in precli­nical and clinical studies.

By using microbial antago­nists and the gentle and efficient removal of the inflammatory germs, we were able to restore the natural balance in these ecosystems and, as a result, develop a new microbial therapy platform!

Belano - Research and Develo­pment

We develop clinically proven solutions

Our research department constantly analyzes micro­biome inter­ac­tions and further develops our products and active ingre­dients in our own labora­tories (S2). Effect spectra are also carried out on behalf of customers. Clinical studies and approval processes are planned and executed with partners.

Our develo­pment department imple­ments indus­trial production with European partners and also offers the develo­pment of customer-specific formu­la­tions.

Our active ingre­dients are patent-protected.

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