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Products for wound infections 

Belano - Products for wound Infections 

Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA

Staphy­lo­cocci are widespread bacteria that colonise the human and animal skin and mucous membranes. Staphy­lo­coccus species belong to the normal micro­biota of the human skin, where they ensure healthy skin protection, e.g. Staphy­lo­coccus epider­midis.

Staphy­lo­coccus aureus can also be found on almost every skin, although it is one of the causes of inflammation. S. aureus is consi­dered one of the most widespread inflammatory germs and is the cause of many severe inflammatory processes.

The frequent use of antibiotics has led to a dramatic increase in bacterial resis­tance in recent years so that many germs can no longer be combated with antibiotics.

In the case of S. aureus, methi­cillin-resistant strains are found with alarming frequency (MRSA = methi­cillin-resistant S. aureus). These are an incre­asing problem, especially in hospitals and clinics. This is because they have become resistant not only to methi­cillin and other antibiotics in the class of beta-lactam antibiotics (the most important ATB group for the treatment of staphy­lo­coccal infec­tions) but often also to other antibiotics (multiple or multi-resistant). There is no satis­factory solution to this problem today.

For example, patients carrying MRSA must be quaran­tined. If the germ gets into wounds, serious infec­tions such as sepsis (blood poisoning) are a frequent conse­quence. They can lead to serious health problems and even death.

aureosan for wound infections
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Belano - Products for wound Infections 

aureosan® - microbiotic agent for the removal of multi-resistant S. aureus germs

With aureosan®, we have found a micro­biotic active ingre­dient that speci­fi­cally targets and removes the inflammatory bacterium Staphy­lo­coccus aureus.
And this without affecting the micro­biome, the protective bacteria on the skin. Due to its special mode of action, aureosan® is parti­cu­larly effective and very specific against MRSA germs.
The surface of the active ingre­dient aureosan® has a high contact affinity for Staphy­lo­coccus aureus. Due to the surface structure, the active ingre­dient and the inflammatory germ aggregate when touching their surfaces within milli­se­conds. Aggre­gates of Staphy­lo­coccus aureus with aureosan® can be seen under the electron micro­scope. Staphy­lo­coccus aureus is thereby bound and agglu­ti­nated. The germ is removed by mecha­nical removal of the aggre­gates, e.g. by washing.

The active ingre­dient aureosan® is derived from a unique strain of the specific lactic acid bacterium Lacto­ba­c­illus gasseri DSM25908. aureosan® is produced using a micro­bio­lo­gical high-tech process, in which the shells of the lactic acid bacteria are enriched and stabilized.

aureosan® is protected by patent.

Belano - Products for wound Infections 

aureosan® – Products

Based on the micro­biotic active ingre­dient aureosan®, products will be developed for various applications.

These include micro­biotic skin cleansing agents such as shower oil or washing gel for hygiene measures in patients.

By applying the aureosan® products during washing, the inflammatory germs should be bound and removed from the skin with the washing off. 

With the strategy of restoring the body’s own skin protection barrier by mobilizing the skin’s self-healing powers, much faster and more sustainable progress in the fight against inflammatory situa­tions is expected than is possible today.

aureosan® products will be specially designed to combat S. aureus and MRSA germs. 
aureosan - Produkte Wundinfektionen
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aureosan® for medical skin care:

  • aureosan® in skin cleansing products such as shower oil or washing gel binds the inflammatory germs and enables their specific and at the same time micro­biome-friendly removal during skin cleansing. The new micro­biotic skin cleansing products will complement the already success­fully used ibiotics med products.
  • aureosan® skin cleansing supports the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic derma­titis, psoriasis or acne.
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