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Periodon­titis is a disease of the periodontium caused by bacteria. It starts with an inflammation of the gums and can end with the destruction of the periodontium with bone damage and tooth loss.

Periodon­titis is triggered by a biofilm (dental plaque) consisting of various bacteria. The latter attack teeth and gums with their metabolic products. The gums become inflamed and separate from teeth. Gum pockets develop as an ideal habitat for the inflammatory bacteria.

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Belano - Mouth Care Products

The oral microbiome

Millions of different micro­or­ga­nisms live in the human mouth. These microbes form an ecosystem, the oral flora or the oral micro­biome. In a healthy micro­biome, the number of useful and harmful microbes is in a balanced proportion. This is known as a micro­biome in balance.

A healthy micro­biome protects against harmful environ­mental influ­ences, fends off dangerous germs, helps with the pre-digestion of food and keeps teeth and gums healthy. If the micro­biome gets out of balance, oral health is at risk, and bad breath, caries and gum inflammation (gingi­vitis, periodon­titis) can develop.

Among the bacteria respon­sible for gum inflammation, Helico­bacter pylori play an important role, the “stomach germ” that causes heartburn, gastritis, functional dyspepsia and ulcers. It is also present in dental plaque and gum pockets as part of the destructive biofilm. The gum pockets are also a reservoir for the stomach bacteria. A (renewed) coloni­sation of the stomach with the conse­quences of gastritis and stomach ulcers can start from there.

Belano - Mouth Care Products

ventrisana®- active ingredient for the reduction of the harmful bacteria Helicobacter pylori

With  ventrisana®, we have developed a micro­biotic active ingre­dient that speci­fi­cally combats the inflammation-causing bacteria Helico­bacter pylori. ventrisana® reliably binds the harmful germ, removes it from the saliva and thus prevents it from settling into the mucous membrane or biofilm. ventrisana® acts speci­fi­cally on H. pylori, leaving the beneficial bacteria in the oral environment untouched.

The surface of the active ingre­dient ventrisana® has a high contact affinity for the inflammatory Helico­bacter pylori bacteria. Due to the surface structure, the active ingre­dient and the inflammatory germ become entangled when touching the surfaces within milli­se­conds. Aggre­gates of Helico­bacter pylori with ventrisana® can be seen under the electron micro­scope. Helico­bacter pylori are thus immobi­lised and masked and can no longer develop their inflammatory effect. The germ is removed by the mecha­nical removal of the aggre­gates with the saliva flow.

The active ingre­dient ventrisana® is derived from a unique and patented strain of the lactic acid bacteria Lacto­ba­c­illus reuteri DSM17648. The shells of these lactic acid bacteria are enriched and stabi­lised by a micro­bio­lo­gical high-tech process.

ventrisana® is protected by patent.

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Belano - Mouth Care Products

ventrisana® - Periodontal chewing gum

ventrisana® periodontal chewing gums are certified as medical devices. They reduce the coloni­sation of plaque, gums and gum pockets with the Helico­bacter pylori bacteria by the passive formation of aggre­gates and rinsing by increased saliva formation.
ventrisana® periodontal chewing gums support the prevention of chronic gum inflammation (gingi­vitis) and periodontitis.

The symptoms of the disease include reddened, swollen and bleeding gums when brushing the teeth and the inflammatory deepening of the gum pockets.

ventrisana® periodontal chewing gums contain the patented active ingre­dient Lacto­ba­c­illus reuteri DSM17648.

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