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Innovative microbiotic active ingredients

We aim to offer solutions to restore microbial balance in the human body and thus enable healthy and natural living. 
Innovative micro­biotic active ingredients

Active ingredient line stimulans® - Skin microbiome

We have developed stimulans®, an active ingre­dient from the lactic acid bacteria Lacto­ba­c­illus brevis DSM17250. It stimu­lates the growth of the protective bacteria (Staphy­lo­coccus epider­midis) on the skin, streng­t­hening these beneficial skin bacteria and healthy skin functions and thus reducing inflammatory germs (e.g. Staphy­lo­coccus aureus).

This restores the skin micro­biome to its healthy balance. It signi­fi­cantly reduces inflammation symptoms and improves the skin appearance in skin diseases such as atopic derma­titis , psoriasis, acne and rosacea. The active ingre­dient and active principle are patent-protected.

microbiotics active ingredients
salvans- throat care products
Innovative micro­biotic active ingredients

Active ingredient line salvans® - Throat microbiome

We obtain the active ingre­dient salvans® from the bioactive lactic acid Lacto­ba­c­illus crispatus DSM25988 bacteria, which has a very specific effect against the inflammatory Strep­to­coccus pyogenes bacteria in the throat. Salvans® reliably reduces harmful germs, reduces the risk of inflammation in the throat and thus accele­rates the healing process. At the same time, it does not affect the beneficial bacteria in the throat.

salvans® provides safe prevention for throat problems.

The active ingre­dient salvans® is protected by patent.

Innovative micro­biotic active ingredients

Active ingredient line ventrisana® - Mouth/Stomach microbiome

With the active ingre­dient ventrisana® from the lactic acid bacterium Lacto­ba­c­illus reuteri DSM17648, a medical device is available that speci­fi­cally binds the “stomach germ” Helico­bacter pylori and removes it from its habitat. If left untreated, H. pylori infection leads to periodontal problems as well as gastritis, heartburn and, in the worst case, stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

ventrisana® offers safe and specific prevention against chronic gum inflammation (periodontal chewing gum) and H. pylori-related stomach problems. The active ingre­dient ventrisana® is protected by patent.

BELANO medical Wirkstoffe
BELANO medical Wirkstoffe
Innovative micro­biotic active ingredients

Active ingredient line aureosan® Wound treatment/MRSA

With aureosan®, we have found an active ingre­dient in the lactic acid bacterium Lacto­ba­c­illus gasseri DSM25908 that effec­tively and precisely binds Staphy­lo­coccus aureus, including resistant strains (MRSA), and removes it from the skin and mucosal lesions. aureosan® is suitable for the treatment of chronic wounds as well as for the cleansing of skin areas colonised by S. aureus, such as those found in atopic derma­titis and acne skin.

aureosan® also provides a solution for incre­a­singly urgent hygiene requi­re­ments in hospitals, clinics and care facilities, when multi-resistant germs in patients, nursing staff and visitors need to be removed non-antibiotically.

aureosan® is currently in the clinical trial stage. The active ingre­dient aureosan® is protected by patent.

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