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Probiotics in skin microbiome care

Active ingre­dient | Redness and itching on the skin are often a sign of diseases in which the skin micro­biome is no longer in balance. Scien­tists managed to identify a bacterium that could help restore this imbalance. Prof Dr Christine Lang reports on the positive effects it can achieve.

The skin micro­biome is proving to be the next dimension in skin care. So far, the concept of the micro­biome and products speci­fi­cally addressing it have been missing from many existing skin care regimes. The micro­biome revolution started when resear­chers realised that the skin flora needs to be in the focus when treating irritated and diseased skin. The natural micro­biome becomes seriously disturbed in situa­tions where our skin is stressed. And it is literally destroyed in cases of skin disease, such as atopic derma­titis. Human skin is normally covered and protected by commensal bacterial friends such as Staphy­lo­coccus epider­midis. Once the healthy micro­biome is disturbed, the skin is no longer shielded from external damage. Instead, an inflammation bacterium can spread without control: Staphy­lo­coccus aureus, typically found in wounds, can take up all the space on the skin.…

Published in COSSMA 9/2021

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