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New studies prove microbiome impact in psoriasis

Acute cream reduces redness and itching - World Psoriasis Day on 29 October

Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 20 October 2023 - In the treatment of psoriasis (psoriasis), the skin micro­biome plays a crucial role. According to current scien­tific publi­ca­tions, bath therapies, for example, which are accom­panied by a re-balancing of the micro­biome, show signi­ficant success in the management of psoriasis. This is pointed out by Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, Professor of Micro­biology at the Technical University of Berlin and Director of Research and Develo­pment at BELANO medial AG, on the occasion of World Psoriasis Day, which takes place on October 29.

In a joint study with the German Neuro­der­ma­titis Association, for example, it was shown that products against scaly skin that actively stimulate the skin’s micro­biome achieved a high degree of effec­ti­veness in psoriasis sufferers. As part of the study, the acute cream developed by BELANO medical from the “ibiotics med” range of medical skin care products was tested by psoriasis sufferers over a period of four weeks. Around 90 percent of them subse­quently confirmed a good or even very good impro­vement in the appearance of the skin.

In almost all cases, symptoms such as dryand scaly skin (in 90 percent), redness (in 84 percent) or itching (in 82 percent of the test subjects) also subsided signi­fi­cantly. “In our research and through the resulting products we pursue the goal to provide patients effective help. This is based on natural processes and does not require cortisone or other synthetic active ingre­dients,” empha­sizes Prof. Christine Lang. “All the more so because many parti­ci­pants in the study stated that they had already used numerous skin creams or medically prescribed products, but these had no effect.”

In coope­ration with patient groups and interest groups for atopic derma­titis or psoriasis sufferers, the aim is to counter such frustrating experi­ences, which further increase the pressure of suffering. Christine Lang: There are possi­bi­lities and means to be able to act in case of psoriasis effec­tively and without side effects. On the occasion of the action day we want to call attention to these possibilities.”

The world Psoriasis day is held since 2004 on 29 October. National and inter­na­tional associa­tions of psoriasis patients and profes­sional associa­tions of derma­to­lo­gists work together to inform people with psoriasis, relatives, doctors and interested parties about the disease, symptoms and possible causes, as well as possi­bi­lities for treatment and support.

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