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Pharynx and Throat Care Products

Belano - Pharynx and Throat Care Products

Cold and sore throat

A cold or a flu-like infection is an infection of the upper respi­ratory tract. Symptoms such as sore throat, rhinitis, cough, hoarseness are common. Fever is also possible.

The typical course of an upper respi­ratory tract infection often begins as a simple viral infection. The virus attacks the pharyngeal mucosa and thus enables the penetration of inflammatory bacteria.

The main cause of bacterial throat and pharyn­gitis is the inflammatory bacterium Strep­to­coccus pyogenes. If the quantity of this bacterium increases, the micro­biome in the throat and pharynx is weakened. It’s getting out of balance. salvans® helps to maintain and restore balance.

Produkte Hals und Rachen - Alternative zu Antibiotika!
salvans- throat care products
Belano - Pharynx and Throat Care Products

The microbiome in the throat and pharynx

The human micro­biome is the community of microbes (bacteria, viruses and fungi) in and on our body. This ecosystem is important for our health, also in the throat. We could not live without these micro­or­ga­nisms. We influence the micro­biome in turn through our lifestyle and through our diet.

In a healthy state and with an intact micro­biome, there is a large number of different bacteria on the pharyngeal mucosa (physi­cians speak of a high alpha diversity). An intact micro­biome in the pharynx and throat area is an important prere­quisite and protection for our health.

When there is a strong increase in patho­genic bacteria such as Strep­to­coccus pyogenes, the diverse inter­action of the bacterial world in the throat and pharynx becomes unbalanced. The mucous membrane is attacked and can no longer perform its protective function.

Belano - Pharynx and Throat Care Products

salvans® - active ingredient to reduce inflammatory bacteria in the throat and pharynx

With salvans® we have developed a bioactive substance that acts very speci­fi­cally against the inflammation-causing bacterium Strep­to­coccus pyogenes. salvans® reliably reduces harmful germs and thus accele­rates the healing process. At the same time, it does not affect the beneficial bacteria in the throat area.
The surface of the active ingre­dient salvans® has a high contact affinity for the inflammatory bacterium Strep­to­coccus pyogenes. Due to the surface structure, the active ingre­dient and the inflammatory germ become entangled when touching their surfaces within milli­se­conds. S. pyogenes is thereby inter­cepted and can no longer develop its inflammatory effect. The germ is removed by mecha­nical removal of the lumps with the saliva flow.

The active ingre­dient salvans® is derived from the unique strain of the lactic acid bacterium Lacto­ba­c­illus crispatus DSM25988. By means of a patented micro­bio­lo­gical high-tech process, the shells of this lactic acid bacterium are obtained for the active ingre­dient and optimised with regard to their binding capacity.

salvans® is protected by patent.

Belano - Pharynx and Throat Care Products

salvans® - Products

salvans® throat pastilles are certified medical products. We offer our corporate or commercial customers salvans® products with the following options: 
salvans® throat pastilles are available in the webshop and in pharmacies 
belano medical salvans halspastillen

salvans® Throat lozenges

salvans® throat lozenges are a certified medical product, it is recom­mended for the prevention of bacterial strep­to­coccal infec­tions in the mouth and throat area and for the acute relief of throat complaints. Applied in time, the salvans® principle supple­ments or replaces the conven­tional use of painkillers for sore throats. In some cases, the use of antibiotics can become super­fluous if the bacterial inflammatory germs are combated at an early stage. 
belano medical salvans mikrobiotics

salvans® Microbiotics

The active ingre­dient salvans® Micro­biotics is the first micro­biotic that speci­fi­cally binds Strep­to­coccus pyogenes. salvans® Micro­biotics can be used in the manufacture of food products and food supplements. 
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