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Henkel to Rely on BELANO medical’s Microbiotic Agent

R&D colla­bo­ration – new brand St. Biomé

Düsseldorf / Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 22 April 2021 – In Henkel Beauty Care, BELANO medical AG gained another major partner for the marketing of its micro­biotic skincare. In colla­bo­ration with Henkel Beauty Care’s incubator, estab­lished in 2020, the company developed the new St. Biomé range of skincare products. Use of the micro­biotic agent “stimulans”, developed by BELANO medical, means that this new product range provides the skin with everything it needs: natural care and a well-balanced skin micro­biome. By relying on this biobased micro­biotic ingre­dient, St. Biomé supports the skin’s natural self-healing and defensive capabilities.

St. Biomé
The product range is suitable for all skin types – also as a conco­mitant therapy in the treatment of skin diseases such as atopic eczema, acne, rosacea, or eczemas. All formu­la­tions are free from perfume and from alcohol, parabens, silicones, colouring, or allergens. The products do not contain living cells or animal ingre­dients, and have no side effects. All articles were developed in Germany and did not involve animal testing.

The following St. Biomé Skin-Care articles are available:

  • Intensive care cream
  • Acute care cream
  • Lotion
  • Cleanser
  • Hand cream

This innovative skincare range is also suitable for use by derma­to­lo­gists and non-medical practitioners.

Unique patented mechanism of action
All formu­la­tions in the new range of skincare products contain “stimulans”, a micro­biotic ingre­dient extracted from natural lactic acid bacteria, which stimu­lates the healthy bacteria of the skin’s micro­biome. The effec­ti­veness of its unique mechanism of action has been demons­trated in clinical studies. Professor Christine Lang, head of research and develo­pment at BELANO medical AG, said: “So far, we’re not aware of any other active ingre­dient which would be similarly able to rapidly restore the natural skin flora and achieve extremely positive effects for the skin and skin health.”

Carefully fine-tuned additional ingre­dients complement each formu­lation, ensuring that the overall mechanism of action remains micro­biotic. In this way, bioactive ingre­dients stimulate useful bacteria on the skin. The skin’s micro­biome recovers, and its functio­n­a­lities return to normal.

Appli­cation and treatment duration depend on the type of indication, how affected the skin flora is, and on individual environ­mental factors. Studies have shown that the micro­biotic agent “stimulans” is able to improve in skin quality in as little as 14 days.

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