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Drugstore Retailer BIPA to Stock Medical Skincare

“ibiotics med” acute care and intensive care creams available in some 600 stores

Vienna / Berlin, 15 June 2021 – The micro­biotic skincare “ibiotics med”, developed and marketed by BELANO medical AG, will from now on be widely available in Austria. BELANO medical has entered a coope­ration with BIPA, Austria’s second-largest drugstore chain. As a first step, the stores will stock the two most popular products of the ibiotics med range, the “acute care cream” and the “intensive care cream” (online

Founded more than 40 years ago, BIPA is the best-known drugstore retailer currently active in Austria. Some 3.3 million customers regularly shop at the about 600 stores. Employing more than 4,000 people, BIPA is part of the REWE group and offers an extensive network. (

In recent years, Austria has seen a rise in the number of patients with atopic derma­titis and other skin condi­tions. Studies found that about one in five children, as well as one-tenth of all adults, suffer from typical symptoms such as itching, burning sensa­tions, or inflamed skin. The skin flora of those affected generally shows a much higher share of patho­genic germs. The natural agent of “ibiotics med” stimu­lates the growth of healthy bacteria, regulating the balance of skin and skin flora and reducing in many cases the diseases’ symptoms.

BELANO medical AG holds a number of patents on micro­biotic (microbial) agents which are used in its own medical skincare products as well as in private label health care products of partners. In recent months, BELANO medical has already expanded its marketing channels for micro­biotic products and agents by entering colla­bo­ra­tions with Henkel AG and the Müller chain of retail stores.

About BELANO medical AG:
BELANO medical AG is a biotech­nology company which leverages the findings of its research into beneficial micro­or­ga­nisms for pharmaceu­tical and care products. The company develops and brings to market novel approaches to medical skincare, disease prevention, and the support of healing processes with the aim of creating new thera­peutic options for diseases and indica­tions which currently cannot be treated satis­fac­torily. BELANO’s mission is to make its patented agents and products available to everyone. To do so, the company relies on national and inter­na­tional colla­bo­ration with distri­butors and larger partners like Henkel or Müller Holding.

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