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New Non-Antibiotic Medical Product Against Atopic Eczema

State of Brandenburg sponsors BELANO medical’s develo­pment of new prophyl­actic product -
Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 4 February 2021 – Worldwide, there is great clinical demand for nonan­ti­biotic options to target and safely remove patho­genic germs from the skin of patients suffering from atopic eczema patients. Remedies such as antibiotics or antiseptics, which we have so far relied on, are in many cases not indicated, lack effec­ti­veness, or when used have complex side effects and often negative conse­quences such as develo­pment of resis­tance or changes to the makeup of the skin micro­biome. For this reason, BELANO medical AG has initiated develo­pment of a highly innovative topical (for external appli­cation) class IIa medical product for the treatment of atopic eczema. 
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