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Chewing Gum Against Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Active Lacto­ba­c­illus reuteri ingre­dient against helico­bacter pylori

Berlin, 3 December 2020 – A novel, special chewing gum to prevent periodon­titis, gum bleeding, and gum inflammation is now available. It contains a microbial agent which represses one of the causes of periodon­titis and other gum issues, protecting teeth and gums.
More speci­fi­cally, the agent acts against helico­bacter pylori, a bacterium known to cause stomach inflamma­tions, which also elicits periodon­titis. Bacteria such as H. pylori collect as a dental biofilm or plaque on the teeth and attack teeth and gums with their metabolic products. The tissue around the teeth pulls away, leading to the formation of periodontal pockets – crevices which may then be colonized by rapidly multi­plying inflammation-causing bacteria. Depending on its severity, this inflammation of the gums can result in the destruction of the periodontal apparatus, loss of teeth, or damage to the jaw bone.
The chewing gum developed by BELANO medical AG is a medical product with the agent “ventrisana” which speci­fi­cally targets the inflammatory bacterium Helico­bacter pylori and removes it from the saliva, thus preventing a build-up of the pathogen in the mucus and the subse­quent triggering of inflammations.

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