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Research into the potential of bacteria on health is still in its infancy. However, there are already remarkable results that show that an area is opening up here that provides new solutions for the therapy of diseases which cannot be treated satisfactorily or at all by conventional methods today.

There are bacteria which have a positive influence on our health and well-being, and there are harmful bacteria which can lead to disease. The balance between these species is crucial for health. With an in depth understanding of the human microbiome and lead compounds with innovative and selective mechanisms of action, amazing results can be achieved.

BELANO medical AG develops and markets novel prophylactic and therapeutic approaches based on beneficial microorganisms, so-called specific microbiotic cultures. We identified patent-protected active ingredients with unique and highly selective mechanisms of action for applications in the fields of cosmetics, nutrition and health.

Our goal is to transform our knowledge and active ingredients into valuable products and to meet the needs of people thus helping them achieving and maintaining a good health and quality of life. We successfully developed a system of beauty and medical skin care products which have reached market maturity or are about to do so, and we continue to fuel and expand our product portfolio from our lead compounds under development.