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Skin Counselling on Your Smartphone: Guidance for Atopic Dermatitis etc.

New app “Skincare @home” is free of charge and available for Android and iPhone

Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 15 November 2022 – In order to make finding the right care products easier for people who use skincare or suffer from skin diseases, BELANO medical AG now offers a novel free, virtual skin care counselling. Simply open Google Play or the Apple Store, download the app “Skincare @home” to your smart­phone, enter the care code “SOS”, and register. Users then have the option of typing in the issues they have, or making an appointment. During the appointment, a trained skin counsellor will, in a one-to-one conver­sation, enquire about current symptoms, the skin’s condition, current care regime and, as may be the case, products used, and develop a recom­men­dation for treatment.

The offer is intended for adults, young people, and children. It’ll remain free of charge, no matter how long or frequent counselling sessions are. “We are fully aware how much suffering people with atopic derma­titis, psoriasis, or acne experience”, explains Professor Dr. Christine Lang, micro­bio­logist, CSO, and head of R&D at BELANO medical, the new app. “Should, for example, a child has the condition, this will often become a substantial burden to the whole family, and deeply affect their quality of life.” The new skin counselling was intended to help rebalancing the skin micro­biome, and in this way take some pressure of families.

Professor Lang continues, “In order to stay healthy, our skin needs to be constantly cared for. This is what a strong micro­biome does.” The counselling is to offer key advice on helping the skin stay healthy, and how a recovering skin micro­biome will reduce or resolve skin issues, redness, inflamma­tions, or itching.

Commu­ni­cation will use video or text messages directly within the app. “It’s as easy as using video confe­rencing or social media”, Lang says. “A healthy skin is way too important to rely on some corner of the internet for answers to burning questions, that is why we opted for personal skin counselling.” The company knew from experience that treating skin issues was often time-intensive. “By making the right recom­men­da­tions, we want to help shorten how it long it takes.”

The skin counselling will build on products of the “ibiotics” (cosmetics) and “ibiotics med” (medical skincare) series which are tailored to specific skin issues. All products contain the natural ingre­dient stimulans® which is capable of rejuve­nating the skin micro­biome to the point where skin functions return to normality. This micro­biotic treatment is the only one of its kind worldwide. It does not contain any antibac­terial agents, cortisone, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, or ingre­dients which might cause allergies.

Please note: The skin counselling is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for medical consul­tation or treatment. Always seek the advice of a derma­to­lo­gical profes­sional for any questions concerning skin issues or your medical condition.

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