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New Developments in the Market of Microbiome-based Skincare

BELANO medical at the inter­na­tional “Skin Micro­biome Industry Summit” in London

Berlin / London, 25 March 2022 – Skin products which strengthen the skin micro­biome and, through their micro­biotic mode of action, are intended to improve skin health have been gaining momentum in recent years. Almost all major brands in the cosmetics industry now have new micro­biotic products in their portfolios. The biotech­nology company BELANO medical AG has researched and developed corre­sponding microbial (i.e. bacteria-based) ingre­dients for some of these brands and produced marketable formu­la­tions. These are sold under a number of brand names in Germany, Austria, and the Benelux countries.

Professor Dr. Christine Lang, CSO and head of R&D at BELANO medical AG, will advise on the latest research into the micro­biome, new products on the skincare market, and inter­na­tional colla­bo­ra­tions in research and sales at the inter­na­tional congress “Skin Micro­biome Industry Summit” on the 30th and 31st March in London.

“Many manufac­turers and brand-name companies have inten­sified their spending on the research and develo­pment of new ingre­dients and products”, explains Professor Lang prior to the summit. “This has grown the range of skincare available to consumers, yet regrettably not all products on the market actually protect the skin, nor do they provide the best derma­to­lo­gical care possible.” BELANO medical AG recently tested more than 30 skin creams of other manufac­turers and found that many products block the growth of healthy bacteria on the skin, e.g. Staphy­lo­coccus epider­midis, or even kill them off. “Our mission is to achieve and enforce inter­na­tio­nally a high standard of quality for as many products as possible.”

The London summit will hence also be used to exchange knowledge on medical or derma­to­lo­gical issues. Other planned topics are legal issues, for instance with regard to the certi­fi­cation of medical skincare and other OTC medical products, in addition to exchanges on product tests and study results, as well as possible colla­bo­ra­tions between market participants.

The London summit will bring together brand distri­butors, manufac­turers, and research companies such as BELANO medical, as well as sales and adver­tising specia­lists. The “Skin Micro­biome Industry Summit“ is held biannually. (cf.

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