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New Antiviral and Antibacterial Remedy Against Sore Throats

Effec­ti­veness proven in study, also against scarlet pathogen and coronaviruses

Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 15 February 2022 – In a complex biotech­no­lo­gical process, BELANO medical AG identified and harnessed another natural agent for use against a harmful bacterium. More speci­fi­cally, this concerns Strep­to­coccus pyogenes, a bacterium in the genus Strep­to­coccus which is the cause of most bacterial throat inflamma­tions and also consi­dered to be that of scarlet fever. Estimates suggest that every year, more than 600 million people globally suffer from a throat infection (pharyn­gitis) caused by S. pyogenes. Furthermore, there are least 517,000 fatalities annually as a result of invasive infec­tions and secondary diseases.

“What makes this microbial agent special is that it is both antiviral and antibac­terial and hence effective against specific viruses which transmit colds”, empha­sizes Professor Dr. Christine Lang, CSO and head of R&D at BELANO medical.

Study demons­trates antiviral properties

The novel agent is based on a strain of lactic acid bacteria designated Lacto­ba­c­illus crispatus DSM25988. In a patented laboratory process, BELANO medical’s resear­chers identified the strain and its ideal capabi­lities from among several hundred strains of lactic acid bacteria. By binding to pathogen and masking its surface, the lactic acid bacterium stops S. pyogenes from attaching itself to human mucosal or epithelial cells.

Proof of the antiviral properties of Lacto­ba­c­illus crispatus DSM25988 came with help of an in-vitro cell model. Here, the example of SARS-CoV2 proteins (Covid or Corona spike proteins) demons­trated that L. crispatus success­fully prevents viral coloniz­ation of epithelial cells.

The lacto­ba­c­illus strain was incor­po­rated into a medical product – a throat lozenge – which is distri­buted under the name of salvans®. Salvans lozenges were success­fully tested in a clinical study with 44 parti­ci­pants which had suffered from sore throats for up to 14 days. “We were able to observe that the typical symptoms of a sore throat, e.g. hoarseness, diffi­culty in swallowing, or scratchy throat, were signi­fi­cantly reduced”, says Christine Lang.

The study and details on the practical appli­cation of the in-viro and in-vivo tests were peer reviewed by the scien­tific magazine “Beneficial Microbes” and published in February at

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