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Medical Skin Care: New Web Shop with Online Guide

Extensive infor­mation and guides on micro­biotic products

Hennigsdorf b. Berlin, 29 July 2021 – Consumers of medical skin care products and those with skin condi­tions such as neuro­der­ma­titis or acne need qualified advice when it comes to choosing the right product. BELANO medical AG has therefore redesigned and relaunched its web shop for the micro­biotic and medical skin care products that it develops and markets. It has also added guides on the micro­biome and charac­te­ristics of healthy skin.

Unlike the previous version and the offers of other manufac­turers, the new web shop offers a large selection of skin and hair care products, as well as compre­hensive guides with explanatory texts on good health. In addition, a new selection tool helps users to find the right product for their needs; all they have to do is enter the problems or symptoms, select the desired effect (e.g. reduce itching), and the right products will be displayed.

Other benefits provided by the new web shop include: a quick summary of the range of general health care products and skin care products in parti­cular, as well as useful infor­mation on the micro­biome, skin flora and natural active ingre­dients. In addition, users are provided with infor­mation on all ingre­dients in the respective cream, lotion, tincture or other skin care product. For example, BELANO medical products do not contain any silicone, cortisone or synthetic ingre­dients, and they are developed and manufac­tured without genetic engineering or animal testing.

The new web shop focuses on topics such as “solving skin problems” and the basis for healthy skin; after all, BELANO medical has a unique perspective with its “ibiotics” (beauty and wellness) and “ibiotics med” (medical skin care) series. The biolo­gical active ingre­dient of these products is an extract from naturally occurring healthy lactic acid bacteria. BELANO medical developed the extract after many years of biotech­nology research. The active ingre­dient is marketed worldwide under the name stimulans®.

The company’s extensive research and develo­pment in micro­biotics has also resulted in lozenges for throat and pharynx pain and infec­tions, as well as chewing gum for periodon­titis and gingi­vitis. These can also be ordered in the new web shop. In addition, there are also regular special offers on products, with very low prices or trial kits. Visit the new web shop at or

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