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BELANO medical AG develops and markets novel prophylactic and therapeutic approaches based on positively acting microorganisms, so-called specific microbiotic cultures.

On the basis of a pipeline of disruptive, patent-protected active ingredients we develop applications in the fields of substance-based medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements.

Belano medical AG follows an extensive tradition of probiotic research and combines this knowledge with our innovative generation of microbiotic active ingredients with highly specific mechanisms of action. We put safety first, that is why we rely on active ingredients which do not contain living bacteria but which are nevertheless highly selective and potent in their action.

Belano medical focuses its activities on:

Microbiotic skin care
Microbiotic applications against symptoms of inflammatory dermatoses like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
Microbiotic remedies against gastrointestinal pathogens and related gastrointestinal diseases
Microbiotic remedies against naso-oropharyngeal pathogens and related diseases
Microbiotic alternatives to antibiotics-based Multi-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) treatment of skin and other tissues

Based on our active ingredients we develop substance-based medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements as final products under our own brand and for out-licensing. The products are marketed on an international scale. We strive towards delivering innovative therapeutic options for indications that are not yet satisfactorily addressed.